battery minerals exploration


E-Power Resources was formed in 2018 to seize a link in the battery supply chain.  Electric vehicle manufacturing is exploding, while gigafactories are being built in Europe and North America.  Raw materials will be necessary to fuel this manufacturing.  The management and shareholders of E-Power researched the supply and demand situation of each component of electric vehicle batteries.  While everyone is talking about lithium, and more recently nickel, graphite is the largest component of electric vehicle batteries forming the anode side.  There are no known substitutes.  Most graphite is consumed by industries other than the electric vehicle industry. 

Most graphite comes from, you guessed it, China.  The United States Geological Survey estimates that 1,000,000 metric tonnes of graphite were produced globally in 2021, with China producing 82% of that.  The United States produces no graphite while Canada and Mexico combined produce a mere 1.2% of annual production.  The European Union, through Germany and Austria, produces a mere 800 metric tonnes per annum.  This, while gigafactories are being built in the USA, Canada, and throughout Europe.  Bear in mind, a single Tesla has more than 100 kgs of graphite in its battery.

They will have to get their graphite from somewhere.  China uses all its graphite in its manufacturing sector and even imports graphite from Mozambique.  Even if importing from China were an option, long supply lines are not working very well in the current environment, while it is much less ‘green’ to transport a bulk material over such a long distance. 

There is synthetic graphite, which is much more expensive than mining it, and is manufactured, by applying extreme heat, consuming a lot of energy, ironically to petroleum coke, a by-product of oil refineries or coal tar.  With natural graphite, Mother Nature has done all this work for us. 

We only have to find it, quantify it, delineate it and show that mining this essential component of EV batteries would be highly profitable.  It is then ready to be mined and used as feedstock for the gigafactories and other industries consuming graphite.  Manufacturers are already talking about getting into the mining business to have independent sources of raw material.  With the looming shortage, will they be worried about the price, or whether or not they can get it? 

Our intent is to be able to provide them with that source of essential graphite while it is still in the ground.  Our business model is as follows:

  • Conduct Research to identify graphite exploration and resource development opportunities
  • Secure land positions with graphite exploration and resource development potential
  • Delineate and Develop graphite resources by determining tonnage, grade, and flake size and mine ability
  • Enhance Resource Viability and Reduce Project Risk to ensure graphite products are optimized and attractive to battery manufacturers and material suppliers requiring flake graphite
  • Monetize Projects through option agreements, M&A, joint ventures, and trade sales
  • Repeat

E-Power Resources is a private company based in Montreal.  We occasionally do private placements of shares in order to deploy additional capital to our activities.  If you are an accredited investor, and might like more information about participating, please contact the company.