The Québec Advantage

Stable. Secure.

Québec, one of the eastern Canadian provinces, has an economy firmly entrenched in the natural resources sector which includes a long history of mining and mineral processing.

Québec is consistently a top-ranked jurisdiction in the Fraser Institute’s annual ranking of mining friendly jurisdictions.

Québec provides E-Power with the following advantages for mining and mineral exploration investment:
  • Politically stable nationally and provincially.
  • Bilingual French and English.
  • Provides a secure environment for work.
  • Surety of land title for the purposes of mineral exploration and mining.
  • Extremely well-developed mining and exploration data and administration systems.
  • A North American location providing a natural resource supply base for the emerging North American battery and electric vehicle market industries.
  • A leading manufacturer and supplier of hydroelectric energy.
  • A provincial government strongly supportive of the development of the electric vehicle industry including a battery strategy meant to support up to $7bn of investments, grants and subsidies.  
  • A provincial government that historically has been a leader in infrastructure development to support the natural resource sector and continues this with Plan Nord; extending infrastructure into the Québec north.
  • Refundable credit of up to 35% applied to mineral exploration expenditures in the province.